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I originally wrote this on my Facebook page and addressed it mainly to my friends. With some edits I am presenting it here for you, Tumblr land.

Some of my closest relationships were forged in Turner’s hall shortly after turning 18 years old. It resonates with me just beyond professional wrestling. I’m more than sure that if I never spent 3 days hanging out in that place meeting a lot of the people I now hold near and dear to my heart and making relationships that to this day are incredibly strong…well..I probably wouldn’t have ever moved here. It has a weird childish and silly importance to me. It even extends farther than that. A good example off of the top of my head is that Turners hall was the first place I ever saw Tony Erba play music on stage when 9 Shocks Terror played Cleveland Fest. Who knew years later I would get to share a stage briefly with him? That ruled, and it was something that happened specifically because I made a decision to ride a crappy Greyhound bus out here from Boston to see a punk rock show in an old gym. My closest friends are my closest friends because I made that very same decision. And I certainly would have never met and married my lovely wife if I didn’t choose to spend a weekend in Turner’s Hall. Think about that. That’s absolutely insane and beautiful and incredible.

The owners of the hall haven’t been able to keep up with the costs of running the building due to diminished memberships of their charitable charter and not many people outside of AIW hosting events there.

For the last year or so since being exposed to AIW, Turner’s has been a place I can watch wrestling that I truly enjoy. Professional Wrestling is one of the few things that I am truly passionate about and have been off and on since being exposed to it as a child. I go to AIW events on a frequent basis and it makes me truly happy because I’m entertained in ways similar to how I was entertained in high school when I would go see ECW events at the Wonderland dog track in Revere, MA. It makes me excited that independent wrestling exists and in close proximity to me on a monthly basis. I don’t want to lose that.

Buy a T-shirt from AIW. Or even better, become a member of Turner’s Hall. It’s $20 per year for the membership and you’re under no obligation to attend meetings or contribute anything beyond that. There’s even talk of a crowdfunding campaign where you can buy new ceiling tiles with your name on them to replace some of the old ones that aren’t doing so hot on that ceiling.

I think it would be really awesome if Turner’s didn’t have to close it’s doors permanently but rather stay alive and perhaps flourish along with the rest of our city. I think it would be incredible to see the building that affected my life in some weirdly bizarre way stayed open. And I think it would be awesome if I could still go to wrestling events each month and have an amazing time on a Friday night doing something that is the alternative to either sitting home or sitting in a bar.

If what I have written has compelled you to want to make a donation, I urge you to please visit: http://www.aiwrestling.com/saveturnershall/

Sorry for the long post. If you read it all, thank you.

Awesome article!

The Turners organization started in the 1800s in Germany. Many Germans immigrated to the US during the civil war. They started and maintained Turners Halls across the country where there were large German populations. These were social clubs where people would meet and promote athletics, talk politics and support labor movements. Now in modern times, they specialize in helping under privileged children and promoting athletics in children.

In Cleveland, the Turners organization bought a building on 7325 Guthrie Ave in 1993. The Cleveland Turners STV thrived with hundreds of members and events every weekend. But like most things of the 1990s, eventually there was a crash. Some key member’s deaths, and the general poor econonmy of Cleveland caused the organization in 2014 to be a shell of it’s former self.

A run down building on Cleveland’s west side doesn’t seem like much but for Cleveland Professional Wrestling’s history, it means everything. While there are rumors of shows in the past, most remember the start of wrestling with Cleveland Turners when JT Lightning started running Cleveland All Pro Wrestling there. He would run events until 2007 there. In that time, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Colt Cabana, Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, Samoa Joe, Rhyno, Alex Shelley, Frankie Kazarian, Nigel McGuiness, Amazing Red, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Chris Sabin, Jessicka Havok, Corey Graves, Angelina Love, Homicide, ODB, Madison Rayne and many others came to Turners Hall to try and make a name for themselves. Mixed in were wrestling veterans like Harley Race, Raven, Abdullah The Butcher, Jerry Lynn, Super Nova, Tracy Smothers, New Jack, Billy Gunn, Chris Hamrick and others. Also, guys like Gregory Iron, Johnny Gargano, Matt “MDogg20” Cross, Raymond Rowe and Josh Prohibition not only trained in the basement of Turners but had some of their debut matches there.

When wresting returned to Turners in 2012, with AIW, we wanted to maintain the history of the building. Valued to Cleveland like the ECW Arena is to Philadelphia, you can feel the history of the building as soon as you step into it. AIW picked up the legacy of CAPW and Turners bringing in some of the best wrestlers in the world to the venue. The Briscoe Brothers, Adam Cole, Kevin Steen, Michael Elgin all debuted in the building. People like Veda Scott, Ethan Page, Josh Alexander and more all made their names in AIW at Turners. Guys like Tracy Smothers, Johnny Gargano, Christopher Daniels, and more returned to Turners thru AIW. Johnny Gargano even trains students in the same basement where he trained.

So that brings us to today. Recently Turners said they would have to close the Cleveland venue, we at AIW stepped in and are attempting to save the building. The Cleveland Turners have fallen behind on taxes and utility bills.

The building means everything to us, but it also means so much to the history of professional wrestling in Cleveland, Ohio. With YOUR help, we can keep Turners Hall open. See below for possible ways you can help:

1. For only $20 (Plus $1 PayPal fee) you can sign up to become a member for Cleveland Turners for 2015. The money supports them and keeps their organization thriving. There is no obligation for joining. You’ll be mailed a membership card in early 2015. With a Cleveland Turners Membership, you’ll have first entry at AIW events with membership card, and we’re working on exclusive Member-Only meet and greets and events.

2. US SHIPPING ONLY: For $25, plus $5 shipping, there is an exclusive #SaveTurnersHall tshirt. There will only be the amount made that are ordered. They will be ordered on December 1st, 2014 and shipped soon after.

3. International SHIPPING ONLY: For $25, plus $25 shipping, there is an exclusive #SaveTurnersHall tshirt. There will only be the amount made that are ordered. They will be ordered on December 1st, 2014 and shipped soon after. We can only ship USPS Priority Shipping at this time.

3. Cleveland Turners Hall is famous for the ceiling tiles above the ring at Turners. Now YOU can have your name above the AIW ring. For $100, we will customize a ceiling tile with your name or message and hang it right above the AIW ring. Purchased ceiling tiles will be hung by early 2015.

4. Straight donation: Our PayPal can also accept straight donations that will all go to supporting Cleveland Turners.

We appreciate any supports. Together we can keeps the lights on and maintain wrestling history!


Girls Night Out returns to Absolute Intense Wrestling on Saturday, October 4, and the weekend will see the first title defense of new champion Athena. No matches for #GNO weekend have been signed yet, but here is what the leaderboard looks like heading into the doubleshot of tapings. Matches will be announced soon, so stay tuned!

Champion: Athena (6/1/0 | 0.857)

  1. Hailey Hatred (8/0/0 | 1.000)
  2. Thunderkitty (3/0/0 | 1.000)
  3. Taeler Hendrix (2/0/0 | 1.000)
  4. Madison Eagles (1/0/0 | 1.000)
  5. Allysin Kay (11/2/0 | 0.846)
  6. Annie Social (5/1/0 | 0.800)
  7. Seleziya Sparx (3/1/0 | 0.750)
  8. Sammi Lane (3/1/0 | 0.750)
  9. "Crazy" Mary Dobson (4/2/0 | 0.666)
  10. Nikki Storm (3/2/0 | 0.600)
  11. Veda Scott (9/7/0 | 0.562)
  12. Jasmin (2/2/0 | 0.500)
  13. Jennifer Blake (2/2/0 | 0.500)
  14. Melanie Cruise (2/2/0 | 0.500)
  15. Savannah Summers (1/1/0 | 0.500)
  16. Xandra Bale (1/1/0 | 0.500)
  17. Mena Libra (1/1/0 | 0.500)
  18. Marti Belle (2/3/0 | 0.400)
  19. KC Warfield (2/3/0 | 0.400)
  20. Heidi Lovelace (3/5/0 | 0.375)
  21. Angeldust (3/6/0 | 0.333)
  22. Mia Yim (3/6/0 | 0.333)
  23. Sara Del Rey (2/4/0 | 0.333)
  24. Super Oprah (1/2/0 | 0.333)
  25. Sassy Stephie (2/6/0 | 0.250)
  26. Angelus Layne (1/3/0 | 0.250)
  27. Leva Bates (1/3/0 | 0.250)
  28. Roxie Cotton/Gabby Gilbert (1/3/0 | 0.250)
  29. Jenny Rose (1/4/0 | 0.200)
  30. Candice LeRae (0/1/0 | 0.000)
  31. Alexia Nicole (0/1/0 | 0.000)
  32. Arella Angel (0/1/0 | 0.000)
  33. 'Lil Naughty (0/1/0 | 0.000)
  34. Luscious Latasha (0/1/0 | 0.000)
  35. Hania The Howling Huntress (0/2/0 | 0.000)
  36. Jewells Malone (0/2/0 | 0.000)
  37. Santana Garrett (0/2/0 | 0.000)
  38. Shanna (0/2/0 | 0.000)
  39. Kaela (0/2/0 | 0.000)
  40. Jody D’Milo (0/4/0 | 0.000)

AIW Wrestle Rager Night 1
Sept 5, 2014
Cleveland, OH at Turners Hall

1. Brent Banks def Bolt Brady
2. The Duke & Eddie Kingston def Ethan Page
3. Colt Cabana VS. Dick Justice
– Afterwards Gregory Iron came out with the Iron Curtain and kicked Dick Justice out of the Curtain. Post match beat down on Justice.
4. Johnny Gargano def Josh Prohibition
– after the match Raymond Rowe made a surprise return and challenged Josh Prohibition to one more match
5. Colin Delaney def Tyson Dux, Veda Scott, Abe “Action” Jackson, Bobby Beverly, & Cheech
6. AIW Intense Title
Davey Vega def Pete Dunne via falcon arrow on the knees to retain
7. AIW Tag Titles
Jimmy Jacobs & BJ Whitmer def The Hooligans to retain with an assist from Tommy Mercer
8. Rickey Shane Page def Candice LeRae via mid air roaring elbow
9. AIW Absolute Title:
Michael Elgin vs Tim Donst vs Josh Alexander went to a 1 hour draw


AIW Wrestle Rager Night 2
Sept 6, 2014
Cleveland, OH

1. Pete Dunne def Rickey Shane Page
2. Eddie Kingston def Bobby Beverly
3. Crimson def Brent Banks, Bolt Brady, Marion Fontaine, Eric Ryan, Supercop Dick Justice via Mercy Kill
4. AIW Intense Title: Davey Vega def Louis Lyndon to retain
5. The Jollyville Fuck-Its def The Iron Curtain, Colin Delaney & Cheech and The Hooligans
6. Colt Cabana def Tyson Dux
7. Candice LeRae def Johnny Gargano
8. Cliff Compton def Tracy Smothers via DQ when Jock Samson interferes


AIW Wrestle Rager Night 3
Sept 7, 2014
Cleveland, OH

1. Ethan Page def Eddie Kingston
2. Veda Scott def Candice LeRae
3. Intense Title Four Way
Dave Vega def Johnny Gargano, Tyson Dux and Pete Dunne
4. Cliff Compton & Colt Cabana def Jock Samson and Tracy Smothers via roll up
5. Gregory Iron and The Iron Curtin def Cheech, Bobby Beverly, Dick Justice, & Colin Delaney
6. Alex Daniels def Joshua Singh
7. Monsters Ball Match: Abyss def Rickey Shane Page via chokeslam through a barbed wire table
8. Tim Donst def Josh Alexander via Donstitution to win the AIW Absolute Title

In early 2014 AIW booked their three day event called “Grado Does America” for September. When TNA started British Bootcamp 2, Grado was pulled from the weekend. TNA, thru Jeremy Borash refunded Grado’s ticket and offered Abyss for one night on their dime. Abyss battled AIW’s Rickey Shane Page in a Monsters Ball match, winning by chokeslamming RSP thru a barbed wire table

-The weekend also saw the AIW debut of Candice LeRae from California, The AIW Returns of Tracy Smothers, Colt Cabana, Cliff Compton, and more.

-ROH’s Seleziya Sparx was scheduled for Friday, but when trying to cross the border into the US had issues and now is said to be blocked from entering for a extended period of time.

-The star of the weekend was Dick Justice. From Upper New York, Justice is a heavyset guy with a police officer gimmick. On Saturday, he stopped the match he was in to sing Third Eye Blind’s jumper. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152679332266425&set=vb.231961236424&type=2&theater

-Also in that match Saturday were AIW’s Eric Ryan returning from a broken leg and TNA’s Crimson who made his in-ring return in AIW, as he started here before TNA.

-Ethan Page and Josh Alexander worked night one and night three of the WrestleRager. Saturday they took Ring Of Honor bookings. Eddie Kingston who’s feuding with Page, used this to his advantage, including this promo: http://youtu.be/cfhfr-vuwR4

-Never say never in pro wrestling, as Raymond Rowe returned to the first time since June 23rd 2007 to AIW. Rowe left over personal disagreements with AIW promoters. Currently out with injuries, Rowe returned to challenge one of his trainer Josh Prohibition.

-Michael Elgin was scheduled to lose the AIW Absolute Title on Sunday in a three way dance. Elgin had done a three way with Josh Alexander and Tim Donst on Friday, was going to ROH on Saturday and was returning Sunday. After being blocked from entering the US, this put a damper on plans. Donst and Alexander fought for the vacant title and Tim Donst won the Absolute Title for the second time. Meanwhile, expecting to return Sunday, Elgin left most of his belongings in Cleveland.

-The shows will be released on DVD, MP4 and stream by SmartMarkVideo.com. There is talk of a 6 Disc Box Set of the entire weekend.

CLEVELAND, OH - On the weekend of September 5th through the 7th, Absolute Intense Wrestling was set to be the first wrestling program to bring cult wrestling sensation Grado to the shores of the United States of America with a three day event called “GRADO DOES AMERICA”. As seen on Vice and several other documentary features, Grado was a viral phenomena, a wrestler from the United Kingdom who had captured the imaginations of independent professional wrestling fans across the world. With success comes attention, and, unfortunately for Absolute Intense Wrestling, Grado was selected by Total Nonstop Action Wrestling to participate in the upcoming season of TNA British Bootcamp, and, as a result of filming commitments, has been forced to cancel his AIW appearances.

AIW has regrouped, however, and, September 5th, 6th, and 7th, will present WRESTLERAGER 2014, the first three-day professional wrestling party in Cleveland, Ohio. To make good on the loss of Grado, representatives from TNA have contacted AIW management and will be sending ABYSS to wrestle on Sunday, September 7th and have reimbursed AIW for the travel expenses they had spent to fly Grado to the United States. On that show, Abyss will take on Cleveland’s own Rickey Shane Page in a contest that promises to be as wild as any throughout the course of Abyss’ career.

Abyss is a TNA original, having been a regular member of this globally-recognized wrestling brand since 2002. Over the course of those 12 years, Abyss has captured the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, the NWA World Tag Team Championship, the TNA Television Championship, and the TNA X-Division Championship, staking his reputation on a bloody, hardcore style that includes the innovation of the Barbed Wire Massacre and Monster’s Ball Matches. His appearance at WRESTLERAGER 2014 is an incredibly rare opportunity for fans to see Abyss in an independent setting, and there is no telling what he will do in the confines of Cleveland’s legendary Turners Hall.

Tickets for all three nights of WRESTLERAGER 2014 are availible for $20 per night, or as part of a three-night, $50 combo pack from http://shop.aiwrestling.com. Not only will Abyss see action on Sunday, but the weekend boasts the best in professional wrestling, as international superstars like MICHAEL ELGIN, JOHNNY GARGANO, JIMMY JACOBS, BJ WHITMER, COLT CABANA, and TRACY SMOTHERS will be in action. For more information on WRESTLERAGER 2014, please visit aiwrestling.com or facebook.com/aiwrestling.