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Absolute Intense Wrestling makes its iPPV debut this Friday, March 1, with Girls Night Out 8. AIW Women’s Champion Allysin Kay will defend her title against a mystery opponent, The Social Network of Heidi Lovelace and Nikki St. John will take on the team of Angeldust and K.C. Warfield, and Jodi D’Milo will go one-on-one against Angelus Layne in an Absolute Opportunity match, but the main attraction of the evening is a one night, eight woman tournament that’ll culminate in a four-way ladder match to determine the #1 Contender to the AIW Women’s Title. I’m putting on my Women’s Wrestling Expert hat this week and previewing the action heading your way during this Friday’s Climb the Ranks tournament. Order Girls Night Out 8 on iPPV from Smart Mark Video.

Veda Scott has been on an incredible roll of late. Love her or hate her, it’s impossible to debate against her success, especially when that success has translated to her being one-half of the AIW Tag Team Champions. There’s nothing fair about how she and Gregory Ironwon and have defended their titles, but it’s hard to deny that Veda hasn’t taken an incredible amount of punishment in each of Hope and Change’s matches. Take, for example, this punishing blow, courtesey of Obariyon and Kodama of The Batiri.

Despite being one of the most active members of the GNO roster over the past few months, her activity in the tag team ranks means that it’s been awhile since Veda Scott has wrestled someone of her gender or, in the case of The Batiri, her species. Though it may seem like that gives Ms. Scott an advantage going into her Climb the Ranks qualifying match against Leva Bates, it appears from the promo that she’s submitted to the AIW office, she hasn’t taken her experience as a tag team compeitor as a learning experience, but as an occasion to get cocky.
Leva Bates returns to AIW for the first time since her debut at Girls Night Out 6. Frequently requested by our fans, Leva’s first experience at a GNO event did not go as planned. When her scheduled opponent pulled out of the show at the last minute, Bates decided to treat the crowd to a round of Star Trek trivia. Instead, she ran into the buzzsaw known as Hailey Hatred. Not in the mood to play around or pet Leva’s tribble, Hatred bounced her unprepared opponent around the ring like a rubber ball. Still, Leva is considered one of the top women’s talents in the country, and when women as talented as her are given opportunities like the one presented by the Climb the Ranks mini-tournament, they tend to rise to the occasion. Determined as Leva is to overcome her losing record in GNO competition, Veda Scott is just as determined to prove that she, not Allysin Kay, is the top female athlete in Absolute Intense Wrestling. Veda’s dismay when “Crazy” Mary Dobson and K.C. Warfield were awarded title shots before her, her screeching, mid-ring rants for justice on the behalf of Hope and Change, and her insistance that victories over tag teams should count double on the GNO Leaderboard—all of it speaks to a deep loathing of and desire to face the AIW Women’s Champion. In securing the existence of the “Gregory Iron Rule,” coercing Colt Cabana’s close personal friend Southside St. Clair to be their stooge, and cheating at every opportunity to retain her title. Both women stand to gain much from leaving AIW’s first internet pay-per-view as the winner of the Climb the Ranks Ladder Match. Leva Bates could leave this event with a 2-1 record and a guaranteed title shot in her back pocket. Veda Scott, ever the opportunist, could take a commanding lead of the GNO Leaderboard, in addition to her dream match against the AIW Women’s Champion. As is the case with all eight competitors looking the enter the Climb the Ranks Ladder Match, the winner legitimizes themselves not just as a credible challenger to one of the most prestigious women’s championships in North America, but as one of the top women’s wrestlers in the world. Veda’s desperation for validation has driven her to take the low road more often than not in her AIW career. Will that be enough to ensure that Leva Bates goes home “dressed as a loser?” This Friday, we find out.
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