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Absolution VIII: Michael Elgin vs. Josh Alexander

On Night Two of the JT Lightning Invitational Tournament, Josh Alexander showed up to Turners Hall with his head bandaged after a procedure to drain his ear following an injury he sustained at AIW’s Damn it Feels Good to Be a Gangsta event in April. Though he won his second round match against Marion Fontaine, it was clear that the Walking Weapon had lost a step from his previous AIW appearances. Though Fontaine is no slouch in the ring, it was something of a surprise to see him in control of Alexander for much of the match.

When Michael Elgin won his second round contest against #NIXON’s Rickey Shane Page, fans were expecting a brutal encounter between The Unbreakable One and The Walking Weapon, two men who have a history in their native Canada, but have yet to face each other on American soil. Instead, Michael Elgin got on the microphone, and, in an uncharacteristic display of compassion, asked Alexander—who was competing without medical clearance—to bow out of the match. Alexander refused, and, as a result of his pride, was brutalized by Elgin and pinned for his first loss in AIW in under five minutes.

Not satisfied, Elgin again took to the microphone, stating that, under normal circumstances, on the #JLIT stage, Josh Alexander would have given Elgin the fight of his life. Since he couldn’t do it at #JLIT, Elgin proposed that Alexander heal-up and meet him one more time at Absolution VIII, LIVE on Internet Pay Per View. Clearly frustrated with his body’s inability to carry him through the tournament, Alexander quickly accepted. 

"Unbreakable" Michael Elgin will take on "Walking Weapon" Josh Alexander on June 30 at Absolution VIII, airing on iPPV at SMVOD.com. Though brief and bloodless, their encounter at #JLIT was as violent as anything seen in an AIW ring this year, and it was between two men who consider each other brothers. With pride on the line and the added spotlight of Absolute Intense Wrestling’s second iPPV, Elgin promised that, on June 30th, fans would witness a wrestling match “unlike anything you’ve ever seen.” Believe the hype, folks, and order this show. Better yet, you can be there live at Turners Hall by purchasing a ticket for Absolution VIII. Just head to shop.aiwrestling.com for more information.

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